Currently I am on the territory of the Republic of Poland under the visa-free regime (90 days pass in May). Can I apply for a temporary residence permit now? Would it be better to apply for a work permit?

Created on: 06.04.2020
The answer reflects the legal status as of 18.04.2020.

The regulations introduced on 18 April 2020 make it possible to extend the legal stay for foreigners staying in Poland under the visa-free regime until the 30th day following the cancellation of an epidemic emergency or an epidemic state (the one that will be last in force). If your stay in the visa-free regime ends in May 2020, it will be automatically prolonged until the 30th day following the date of cancellation of the epidemic state or epidemic emergency (the last one).

If your purpose of staying in Poland is work, apply for a temporary residence and work permit.

The application for a work permit is to be submitted by your employer, and you cannot do it yourself. However, the work permit itself does not entitle you to take up employment after the expiry of your right to stay in Poland without a visa. Based on the work permit issued, however, you can apply for a visa with the right to work at one of the Polish consulates abroad. At present, though, due to the epidemic, it will be difficult, so if you want to stay in Poland and work, we recommend applying for temporary residence and work permit by post.

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