Partial resumption of service - Department for Foreigners

Since 25 May 2020, in the Department for Foreigners of the Wielkopolska Province Office in Poznań and in the Delegations we are resuming subsequent areas of direct customer service. We partially reinstate the possibility of making appointments via the internet, we resume, to a limited extent, conducting hearings, reviewing case files and the option of filing clamis and complaints.

Direct customer service with regard to:

  • collection of residence cards,
  • applications: for temporary / permanent / EU resident residence permit, issue / exchange of a residence card, financial assistance for holders of the Pole's Card,
  • providing fingerprints (for applications sent via mail/ or submitted at the Delegations).

The collection of the residence card will be possible for customers who have made online reservations. Before making an online booking, please check the current status in the "Cudzoziemcy" application. Card collection will be possible only for customers with the status of "Residence card to be collected" in the previously declared location: Poznań, Kalisz, Konin, Leszno and Piła. Reserving a date without the above status in the application will result in cancellation of the visit.

Filing of the application refers only to persons whose previously registered visits (in the period between 13 March and 15 May this year) were cancelled due to the introduced restrictions in the functioning of the Wielkopolska Province Office in Poznań. We have already contacted these persons by e-mail and after telephone contact, new appointments are currently set for them.

Providing fingerprints will be possible for clients who have on-line bookings in Poznan or in the delegations. Visits are intended for clients who have sent applications via postal operators. In Poznań, the appointment of customers who have already received a call to correct formal deficiencies will be restored via a dedicated telephone number - the telephone number was given to them in the summons. An internet reservation will be launched in the Delegations in order to make an appointment for fingerprints' collection.

Direct customer service with regard to review of case files, hearings, filing claims & complaints.

First, hearings will be held from 16 March 2020, followed by new appointments.

Requests to consult the case files that have not been completed due to the existing restrictions on customer service will be processed first.

Filing claim or complaint to the protocol will only be allowed after prior arrangement of the date and time of receipt tel. 61 850 87 70, e-mail:

The hearings will be arranged by e-mail or telephone - please wait for contact from the department. Information about the new, appointed date will also be included in the Internet application - status " update of the date of the hearing".

Only persons whose visits have been postponed to a new date or who have a current internet reservation will be accepted. Please do not come to the Office without an appointment.

The information desk and the submission point in the service room is not opened. We recommend contacting us by phone (phone 61 8508777), e-mail ( or by post.

We call for all precautions to be taken:

  • customers must keep a 2 m distance between themselves,
  • customers must have their mouth and nose (e.g. a mask) covered,
  • hand disinfection fluid will be available at the office,
  • the fingerprint scanner will be disinfected after each use,
  • Please come to the Office not earlier than 10 minutes before your appointment. Clients who are late at the appointed time will not be served and their reservations will be lost.

Customers who have a current reservation in Poznań for the collection of a residence card, application or fingerprinting are asked to come to service room A to confirm this reservation.

Clients who have a current reservation of a visit to get acquainted with the files, hearings or submitting an application or complaint to the protocol are asked to go to the security of the facility in room B in order to confirm their arrival.

The security office will verify the clients' data with the reservation list. The procedure of verification of visits by security also applies to the Office's delegations - Kalisz, Konin, Leszno, Piła.

Unsolicited persons, those who are late for an appointment or those who come too early will not be allowed into the building.

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