Temporary residence and work permit - for applications submitted from 1st January 2021 until 28th January 2022

You applied for a temporary residence and work permit between 01.01.2021 and 28.01.2022 - what next?

If you submitted an application for a temporary residence and work permit between 01.01.2021 and 28.01.2022, new regulations of the amended Act on foreigners, which simplify the procedure for granting temporary residence and work permits, will not be applicable.

If you applied for a temporary residence and work permit on time (no later than on the last day of legal stay in Poland) and you fulfilled all formal requirements within the deadline indicated by our office, your stay will be legal from the date of submission of the application and until decision in this proceedings will become final.

In some cases, we may return your application without processing it. It may happen if you enter the territory of Poland on a national/Schengen visa for the purpose of tourism or visiting family and friends.

If you apply by post, your next step is to visit the office in person to give your fingerprints.

During your visit, you may also file other documents that are required to get a stamp in your passport.

Learn how to give your fingerprints

What documents do I need?

Documents required to obtain a stamp in your passport (i.e. formal requirements)

  • Application completed in accordance with the instructions in 1 copy (application to be downloaded). The form can be also obtained at any of our offices.
  • 4 photographs
  • A photocopy of a valid travel document (the original for inspection), in a particularly justified case, when you do not have any valid travel document and you are not able to obtain one, you may present another document confirming your identity.
  • Annex No 1 (download here) to the application for the temporary residence permit should be fully completed and signed by an employer or a person authorised for representation of a company.

  • To start the proceedings you also need the confirmation of the stamp duty payment.


Documents required to be granted a temporary residence and work permit:

  • Annex No 1 (download here) to the application for the temporary residence permit confirms a purpose of stay exceeding 3 months.
    Apart from that, it also confirms that you have a stable and regular source of income and a health insurance (applies to persons employed on the basis of regular employment contract or contract of mandate).
    On the basis of this document, we check whether you have sufficient funds to cover the living expenses in Poland.
    The conditions of work entrustment contained in the Annex No 1 must be consistent with conditions resulting from other documents, such as your employment contract, labour market test, etc.

  • The original document of labour market test or documents confirming exemption from the obligation to have a work permit. 
    Check if you need the Labour Market Test
    If the document is required, submit the original document of the labour market test obtained from a district job agency competent according to the place of your work – it is not considered as a formal error (i.e. it is not indispensable in order to get a stamp in your passport). However, submission of all documents at the time of applying can greatly speed up the process of granting a residence permit at a later stage of the proceedings (i.e. evidentiary proceedings),

  • A current document confirming your accommodation in Poland,
  • If you perform work on the basis of project delivery contract, you will also need to enclose a document confirming you have a valid health insurance.

  • If you perform work in a regulated profession – you should enclose additional documents which confirm you have the required qualifications.
  • We may also ask you to:
    • send some more information,

    • come to an interview with our officials.

During the proceedings, make sure you inform us about any change related to your job, current place of living or number of dependent persons in your household.

What should I know?

Read our guide

The permit is granted for not longer than 3 years. This period depends primarily on the time for which your employer intends to hire you.

Your permit entitles you to work in Poland only on the conditions specified therein. You cannot work for another employer on its basis. 
There are some exemptions from this rule, e.g. if you have received a temporary residence and work permit as a graduate of a Polish upper secondary school, full-time university studies or full-time doctoral studies at a Polish university.

It is your responsibility to inform the Governor, who issued your permit about the termination of your work contract. You need to do it within 15 days from termination of work.  If you do not do this, we may refuse to grant you another temporary residence permit.
If you want to work for another employer, you must re-apply for a new permit. If you fail to do it, we may start the procedure of withdrawing your last permit, because the purpose of your stay which you declared previously has ceased.

I have received my decison - how to get my residence card now?

The residence card is issued after you have received your decision with your permit. Read How to receive residence card? 

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What are the most common mistakes made in application forms (and other enclosed documents)? What can I do to avoid them?

  • submission of a wrong application form (for example: submission of application form for the replacement of the residence card while attempting to apply for a temporary residence permit);
  • not submitting ANY application form;
  • submitting only Annex No 1...
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Someone told me that, in order to get a residence permit, you need to fill out a form for the issue/ replacement of the residence card. Is this the correct form?

No. If you would like to receive a residence card, you need to apply for temporary residence permit. The form for the replacement of the residence card can be submitted  when the data contained in your current residence card have changed. If...

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What is the difference between a type A work permit and a temporary residence and work permit?

Type A work permit is a document that authorises you to work legally in Poland, on condition that you hold a valid visa/other entitlement to stay in Poland. It is issued at your employers request.

Temporary residence and work permit ...

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Can I work legally on the basis of the stamp that was placed in my passport, while I wait for my decision on granting a residence permit?

The stamp does not entitle you to take up legal employment in Poland. In order to work legally, you need to fulfil one of the following conditions:

  1. On the day of the submission of your application, you were a holder of a valid...
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I have a residence card but I would like to work for another employer. Do I need to wait for my current residence permit/residence card to be withdrawn?

You do not have to wait for your permit to be withdrawn. Make sure to apply for a new residence and work permit, as soon as possible. Remember that you are not allowed to work for your new employer on the basis of your residence card without a valid work permit (unless you hold another document...

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