I have a work visa until 17.04. On 17.04. I posted the documents for my residence card. I gave an incorrect address, and the documents were returned. I posted the same documents again on 28 April. As I understand it, my visa was automatically extended?

Created on: 04.05.2020

Cont. Question. I have found a seasonal job from June to August. If the quarantine is cancelled and I do not manage to work until the end of August, can I ask for a visa extension?

If you have a national or Schengen visa and the last day of your legal stay was within the duration of an epidemic emergency or epidemic state, according to the special regulations introduced on 31.03.2020 and 18.04.2020, your legal stay in Poland under your visa is automatically extended until the 30th day following the date of cancellation of the epidemic emergency/epidemic state (the state that was last in force). Your legal stay is extended automatically - it does not require any new visa sticker in your passport or a new residence card. In this situation, posting documents to the wrong address will have no consequences, as your visa is still valid.

If you want to stay in Poland even longer (more than 30 days after cancelling an epidemic state/epidemic emergency), you can apply for a visa extension according to the declared purpose of your stay. Keep in mind that not every visa can be extended. You will find out more HERE.

At the moment you can only send documents by post. When we restore the direct customer service, you will receive a summons to correct the formal deficiencies of your application, and then you can present the originals of all documents sent to us by post. You will find the address of the Department HERE.

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