Are you submitting an application? We suggest how to fill it in. Remember that a correctly completed application will speed up the process of issuing your permit.

What should be kept in mind when submitting an application?

Read the instructions before you fill in the application form. Fill in the application carefully and slowly - the questions in the application are translated into three languages, if in doubt, seek the assistance of an interpreter.

We encourage you to complete your application in the Case Handling Module by following these six easy steps:
  • Visit and create an account.
  • Review the provided information and the list of common mistakes.
  • Watch the instructional video prepared by the OF.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Print and sign the form.
  • Send the application and other required documents by mail or deliver them in person at your appointment.

When completing the application for a permit, remember to:

  • fill it out legibly in Polish;
  • complete all required fields of the application as appropriate;
  • fill it with capital letters in the appropriate boxes;
  • inform us if you have provided other personal data in the past - write about it in the justification;
  • indicate the actual place of residence where correspondence will be received; If your correspondence address is different  from your actual  place of residence, please tell us while applying.
  • in the part on punishability, indicate information about sentences issued against you, and in case of uncertainty about sentences issued, indicate that the proceedings are still pending (NOTE: payment of a fine does not mean that no criminal proceedings have been instituted and no judgment has been issued on the case);
  • provide information on all ongoing proceedings (e.g. for non-accepted criminal fines) in the section on ongoing criminal proceedings or proceedings for misdemeanour;
  • do not conceal information, the request is made under criminal responsibility - so if you have been convicted, tick the appropriate box;
  • submit handwritten signature and write your name using the Latin alphabet;
  • provide contact details, i.e. a telephone number and/or an e-mail address, which will make it easier for us to contact you.
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