What should I know? - invitation

Issueing invitation is in competence of the Governor of the province due to the place of residence of the person who invites the foreigner.

Invitation is is valid for the period indicated therein for which you are inviting the foreigner, not longer than 1 year.

The application form for an invitation includes your obligation to cover the costs related to the foreigner's stay, including the costs of accommodation, meals and possible treatment, costs of return travel to the country of origin or residence, or the costs of transit to a third country that will grant the residence permit , and the costs of issuing and implementing the decision obliging the foreigner to return.

If you fail to fulfill the obligations resulting from the issued invitation, the State Treasury or other entities may claim, in court proceedings, reimbursement of costs incurred in connection with the foreigner's stay and departure from the territory of the Republic of Poland, resulting from the performance by these entities of obligations to be covered you were bound to be inviting.

The invitation may be collected by an attorney with a special power of attorney to collect it.

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