Legal work/ Access to the labour market

The labour market access in Poland depends on the document that legalised your stay in Poland. If you have a visa that allows you to work, then you are allowed to work with a registered declaration of entrusting work to a foreigner or if you have a valid work permit. Your work conditions must be as stated in the mentioned documents when regarding: employer, position, salary range, the type of employment contract you signed, working hours. If you’ve been granted the residence and work permit, you can work on conditions stated in the permit. In particular cases, you have the right to apply for a change of permit. If you’ve been granted a residence and work permit, in which condition of work and the actual employer is not stated, it means that you have free labour market access. Other permits that give free labour market access are temporary residence permit for family members, temporary residence permit for studies, permanent residence permit, long-term resident’s EU residence permit.


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