Uninterrupted residence of the third country citizen (non-EU Citizen)

A stay is uninterrupted if the one-time stay outside Poland was not longer than 6 months at a time and all stays outside Poland did not exceed 10 months in total. This means that your trips outside Poland during the indicated period should not be longer than those described above. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If you are employed by a company that is headquartered in Poland, and your trip is work-related (business trip) or a necessity to travel with a spouse/parent who works in Poland, such absence from Poland is justified. Similarly, if you are studying in Poland, but some of your classes are taking place, for example, at another university, outside Poland.  Also, if your absence in Poland is due to illness, e.g. hospitalization or other important circumstances, which in total did not exceed 6 months, write about it in your application. If you adequately document the described circumstances, your stay may be considered uninterrupted, despite stays abroad longer than 10 months.


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