An employer is any natural person or any company, including temporary employment agencies, for or under the direction and/or supervision of whom the employment is undertaken. It is anyone who hires more than one person.
In Poland, any work can be performed under conditions defined in the contract between you and your employer. There are different types of contracts, such as:

  • regular employment contract (e.g. for a fixed period, for an indefinite period);
  • contract of a mandate - concluded for a performance of a specified activity;
  • project delivery contract - concluded for the achievement of a specific result, such as software development. 

Both parties should sign every contract – you and your employer as well. Your contract should also specify the type, time and place of the work, that you will be performing, as well as your salary (monthly/weekly/hourly rate).
If you do not understand your contract, ask your employer to translate it to your native language.
Remember that to take up legal employment in Poland, apart from signing a contract, you would also need to fulfil certain conditions. 


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