Check-list - Amendment of the temporary residence and work permit

  • one application form, filled in as instructed (download it here).
  • Annex No 1 (downoad it here) to the application for the temporary residence permit  in which new conditions of employment or new user-employer will be indicated. The Annex No 1 should be filled out and signed by the employer with their full name. In the case when the employer is a legal person, for example a limited liability company – the application must be signed by persons authorized to represent it as listed in the National Court Register.
  • The original document of the Labour Market Test, obtained by the employer from the competent District Employment Agency according to the place of a foreigner's work, about the lack of opportunities to meet staffing needs of the company, on the basis of the records of the unemployed and persons looking for work, or a negative result of recruitment organized for the employer, issued not earlier than 180 days before the application, if required.  Check if you need the Labour Market Test .
  • The original of the confirmation of payment of the stamp duty (220PLN).
  • If you perform work on the basis of project delivery contract, you will also need to enclose a document confirming you have a valid health insurance.


In order to speed up the procedure, it is also worth attaching the current printout from the National Court Register (KRS)/ Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG) of the company regarding Annex 1 to the application and a copy of the originally granted decision of the temporary residence and work permit ( the one that is to be amended).