The extended 30-day period for residence application after the epidemic emergency/epidemic state - to whom does it apply? Do I need to submit any extra documents if the legal stay is extended by law?

Created on: 03.04.2020

The extended deadline for submitting an application for a residence permit, e.g. temporary residence permit, permanent residence permit, residence permit for a long-term resident of the EU, refers to those, who entered Poland after 14 March  2020, and to whom any of the other regulations of the special act do not apply, e.g. extending the period of validity of a temporary residence permit (Article 15d paragraph 3 of the special act) or extending the period of stay and validity of a national visa (Article 15d paragraph 1 of the special act). Extending the deadline to submit application is only possible on the condition that the end of the legal stay of a foreigner on the territory of the Republic of Poland falls from 14 March 2020 until the epidemic emergency or epidemic state (the last state that was in force) is canceled.

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