I have a temporary residence card, will it be valid if the employer changes my contract?

Created on: 07.04.2020

Regulations introduced on 16 May 2020 entitle foreigners to perform work under conditions other than those specified in your temporary residence and work permit without the need of amending the permit. However, the change of employment conditions, which does not require an amend in the residence and work permit, must result from the employer's use of special solutions dedicated to employers due to COVID-19 epidemic in Poland specified in Article 3, Article 15g paragraph 8, Article 15x paragraph 1 or Article 15zf paragraph 1 of the Act of 2 March  2020 on special solutions related to preventing, counteracting and combating COVID-19, other infectious diseases and emergencies caused by them (Journal of Laws 2020 item 1842):

1. employer’s request to perform remote working

2. assistance for employers – job protection; wages for employees on temporary leave (furlough); reducing employees' regular work hours

3.special solutions that give the possibilities for some companies to change the system or schedule of employees' work hours, perform work overtime on employers request, allowances for standby duty and fulfillment of the right to leisure in a place designated by the employer

4. introducing flexible working time rules; an agreement regarding an introduction to an equivalent working time system or implementation of less favorable terms of employment.

Changing the conditions of work, which is not a result of the employer's use of the solutions specified in the above-mentioned regulations, requires an amendment in the permit. Detailed information on amending the temporary residence and work permit can be found HERE.


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