I submitted my application in Leszno. Is it possible to collect my card in the main office in Poznań?

Created on: 10.02.2020

Yes. At the time of applying or during the procedure, you need to submit a written request in which you appoint where you would like to collect your card (Poznań, Konin, Leszno, Kalisz or Piła). Information as to where your card is to be collected can be checked at: https://www.poznan.uw.gov.pl/cudzoziemcy-stan/. If the status of your case says: „The residence card is to be collected in [name of the city]”, it means you can come and collect it.
If your residence card is already printed out and ready to be collected, and you changed your concerning the place in which you would like to collect it, please let us know by sending us an e-mail at: sc@poznan.uw.gov.pl along with your request to send your residence card to a different city, enclose your name, surname and your case number. 

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