Is it possible to extend the visa waiver program for countries that do not have such an option, e.g. for Ukraine?

Created on: 03.04.2020
The answer reflects the legal status as of 18.04.2020.

If you are staying in Poland under the visa-free regime and the period of your legal stay ends during an epidemic hazard or state of epidemics, i.e. on or after 14 March 2020, the period of your stay under the visa-free regime is automatically extended until the 30th day following the cancellation of an epidemic emergency or epidemic state (the one that will be last in force) based on the regulations introduced on 18 April 2020.

In the case of foreigners staying in Poland based on short-term residence titles (including under the visa-free regime), deeming the stay legal will apply only to persons who were in Poland on 14 March 2020 based on such titles. It does not apply to persons who entered Poland later - in such a situation the foreigner may benefit from a conditional legal stay and apply for a residence permit in an extended period.

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