My residence card contains the annotation „access to labour market”. Does it mean I am allowed to change an employer without the need to apply for another residence permit?

Created on: 10.02.2020

If you were granted a temporary residence and work permit, you employer was specified in the administrative decision. This means you have received you residence card with relation to performing work for the employer appointed in the decision and on the terms specified in the permit. The „access to labour market” annotation means that you can work legally for the employer specified in your permit. i.e. it does not give you to full and unrestricted access to labour market.  If you would like to change your employer, you should submit an application for an amendment of the temporary residence and work permit. The annotation “access to labour market” will also be placed in your card if you have been granted a different type of residence permit than the temporary residence and work permit, and you are entitled to perform work without the necessity to obtain a work permit: 

  • You are a student of full-time studies in Poland or full-time doctoral studies at a Polish university or scientific and research institution;
  • You are a spouse of a Polish citizen;
  • You were granted a temporary residence permit for family reunification;
  • You were granted a permanent residence permit or a residence permit for long-term EU resident.

In any of these cases, you do not have to obtain a work permit and have a full access to labour market (you can freely change employers).

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