My visa expired on 24.04.20. I am currently working as an international driver based on a declaration that has been issued from 21.04.20 for 90 days. Will I be able to work as a driver outside Poland after the expiration of the declaration? 

Created on: 18.05.2020

Continuing question. In November 2019, I applied to the office for a temporary residence and work permit, and I am waiting for my decision.

If you have a national visa or Schengen visa and the last day of your legal stay was for the duration of an epidemic emergency or epidemic state, according to regulations introduced on 31.03.2020 and 18.04.2020, your legal stay in Poland based on your visa is automatically extended until the 30th day following the date of cancellation of the epidemic state/epidemic emergency (the state that was last in force). Your legal stay is extended automatically - it does not require any new visa sticker in your passport.

This is an exceptional solution and was introduced due to the necessity to limit as much as possible the direct customer service by the state administration in the face of the prevailing epidemic. The government of the Republic of Poland reported the introduction of this solution to the European Commission and other countries so that foreigners holding extended documents can move within the Schengen area. However, until the position of individual states is known, this does not guarantee the possibility of entering their territory.

Therefore, before starting a journey, it is necessary to make sure that entry into the territory of a given country based on a document with extended validity will be possible. It applies, for example, to persons moving in the course of their professional activities. The best source of information will be the border services of each country.

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