What are the most common mistakes when it comes to certificate from university? Should I pay attention to anything in particular?

Created on: 12.02.2020

There are few things that you should pay close attention to. 

First of all, make sure that the document was prepared on the correct form of certificate from university. Unfortunately it happens very often that students submit certificates on the not up-to-date form, so we have to ask them to submit the document again which extends the proceedings and delays the decision-making process.  

Here you can find an example of correct and up-to-date form: http://isap.sejm.gov.pl/isap.nsf/DocDetails.xsp?id=WDU20190001847

Secondly, make sure if the person who signs the certificate is authorized by the rector of your university to sign certificates for foreigners. If you are not sure about it – ask at the rector’s office. Remember that not everybody who works at university or even at the dean’s office is authorized to signed certificate for foreigners. Most frequently, persons authorized to sign certificates for foreigners are rectors, vice-rectors, deans or representatives from international office at your university. 

Also it is good to remember that if you continue your studies on a subsequent year, together with the certificate from university you should submit periodic achievement form (student grade sheet).

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