What requirements must be met by the business so that I can obtain a permit due to business activity?

Created on: 12.02.2020

Basic requirements are:

  • income: in the year preceding the submission of your application, your company must achieve an income not lower than twelve times the average monthly salary gross in the region/province in which the company or business has its registered office or place of residence. The average salary is announced by the President of the Central Statistical Office, and its amount can be checked on the website: https://stat.gov.pl/sygnalne/komunikaty-i-obwieszczenia/lista-komunikato....
  • employment: employment for an indefinite and full-time period of time, at least for the period of 1 year preceding the submission of the application, and employment of at least 2 employees who are Polish citizens or foreigners. However, foreigners must be entitled to work in Poland. 
  • if you do not meet the income or employment requirements, you must demonstrate that you are conducting activities that will allow to meet these conditions in the future – in  particular those that contribute to investment growth, technology transfer, beneficial innovations or new work places. 

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