In what situations will the application for a long-term resident's EU residence permit not be examined?

Created on: 12.02.2020

If you are in Poland:

illegally, or

  • for the purposes of study, vocational training or study, or
  • in connection with obtaining a residence permit for humanitarian reasons, a permit for tolerated stay, asylum or temporary protection, or in connection with applying for international protection or asylum, or
  • on the basis of a temporary residence permit due to circumstances requiring a short-term stay, or
  • on the basis of a local border traffic permit, or
  • if you are a worker posted by a service provider for the purpose of cross-border provision of services or a service provider providing cross-border services, or
  • if you are detained, placed in a guarded centre or in a detention centre for foreigners or you are subject to a preventive measure in the form of a prohibition on leaving the country, or you are serving a sentence of imprisonment or you are under temporary arrest, or
  • if you were obliged to return and the deadline for voluntary return specified in the decision obliging the foreigner to return has not expired yet or you are staying outside the territory of the Republic of Poland, or you did not provide fingerprints to issue a residence card, although you were obliged to do so.

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