When can I extend my visa?

Created on: 14.02.2020
  • Schengen visa – if a person possessing a visa will prove that in effect of unpredictable circumstances or because of humanitarian reasons he or she cannot leave the Schengen-Zone before the expiration date of the visa or before a period defined and allowed by the visa. Visa can be extended, if the owner or visa will prove that there exist important reasons that justify the necessity of the extension of the validity of the visa or the length of the stay defined by that visa.

  • National visa, can be extended, if you prove that you have an important professional interest or a personal one or that there are humanitarian reasons, which withhold you from leaving Poland before the visa expires. Furthermore, you will have to confirm and prove that the events, which are visible as the reasons for the visa extension occurred independently of your will and were not possible to be forecasted on the day of the request for the national visa. 


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