Internship agreement

The contract on the basis of which the foreigner will complete the internship should be concluded in writing with the internship organizer and should specify:

a) a description of the internship program, including information about its educational purpose or educational components, theoretical and practical training, the position where the internship will take place, the language in which the internship will take place, the level of language proficiency necessary for the internship, scope and type tasks performed, knowledge, practical skills and professional experience to be acquired,

b) duration of the internship,

c) the conditions of undergoing and supervising the internship, including the location of the internship and appointing an intern of the intern,

d) internship hours,

e) the rights and obligations of the parties regarding:

  • covering the costs of internship,
  • necessary medical examinations,
  • accident insurance,
  • days off
  • terms of contract termination,

f) method of confirming acquired knowledge, practical skills and professional experience.

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