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You apply for a temporary residence permit personally , not later than on the last day of legal residence in Poland. If you submit your application on time and there will be no formal deficiencies or formal deficiencies you will fill on the date indicated by us, your stay will be legal from the date of submission of the application until the date when the decision on the case becomes final.

A temporary residence permit grants, refuses to grant it or withdraws it from the governor connected to your place of residence.

We grant temporary residence permits for the period necessary to the realization the your reason of stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland, but no longer than 3 years.


If you go abroad and do not establish a representative to pursue the case, you should indicate the representative for receiving letters in Poland. if you do not indicate a representative for service, the letters intended for you will remain in the case file with the effect of service.

Let us know when you change your accommodation address, it will speed up the procedure.

A model of the statement concerning where you live you find on our website it contains all the informations that should be contained in it, who provides the place of residence, to whom it is provided, for what period and for which address.

If you have appointed a procurator, attach the original power of the attorney to the documents.

If you have more than one procurator, be sure to indicate who we have to send correspondence.


Submit documents in the original ( for inspection) or an authenticated copy. If you send documents by post, send them in together with a request after our use – after the end of proceedings, we will send back the original.

If you submit documents drawn up in a foreign language to your application, it is required to translation of this document into Polish by the sworn translator.

You can find the sworn translator on the Ministry of justice’s website.

Your university

In order for authorisation for research or development, be issued, the unit in which you conduct research or development must be approved for the reception of foreigners and for the list of units in the official journal of the competent minister.

Lists of approved units receiving foreigners and information on the application can be found on the Ministry’s website interior and Administration ( vide: Materials – below of the page).

Right to work

This authorisation entitles you to work without the need to obtain a permission for work. In the residence card issued in connection with the granting of a permit for temporary residence, the endorsement ‘access to the labour market’ and ‘science and so.’

Information obligation

If you have received a temporary residence permit, you are obliged to notify the province governor which granted this authorisation within 15 working days, on the termination of the authorisation exp. Abandonment of scientific research.

If the temporary residence permit was granted by the head of the Office for Foreign in the second instance, ww a notification is addressed to the governor, who has ruled in authorisation at first instance. If you do not, we can refuse you another time rendition permission.

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