Stable and regular source of income

Steady and regular income. Consistent and regular earnings are required when applying for certain types of residence permits. For individuals residing alone in Poland, the minimum monthly net amount is 776 PLN. In the case of a family, the minimum is 600 PLN per person per month. To demonstrate a stable income, provide documents indicating the basis for your earnings, such as employment contracts, commission agreements, resolutions detailing management board remuneration. Additionally, provide evidence confirming the regular receipt of income, such as ZUS contribution payment confirmations.
Income must come from a legal source, meaning it must be confirmed in documents legalizing employment or other income-generating activities if required. Examples of such documents include statements of entrusted work and work permits.he requirement applies to permits for: temporary residence and work (only applications submitted from 01.01.2021 to 28.01.2022), residence for business purposes, family reunification, selected other circumstances, seasonal work, stay of a delegated employee, long-term EU resident's stay, permanent stay for a UK citizen seconded by a foreign employer to work in Poland until 31.12.2020.

In the procedure for granting a long-term EU residence permit, we assess the stability and regularity of income over the three years preceding the application. 

The net monthly income for each year must meet or exceed the specified amounts:



Net monthly income must not be less than:    






For a single person 701 PLN 701 PLN 776 PLN 776 PLN 776 PLN

For a person in a family (the given amount should be multiplied by the number of persons in the family

e.g. if you are married and have 1 child, in 2020 your monthly net income

could not be lower than PLN 528 x 3 persons = PLN 1584) 

528 PLN 528 PLN 600 PLN 600 PLN 600 PLN

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