PESEL – is a personal identity number consists of 11 digits, that identifies exactly one person. PESEL number contains date of birth, a unique identification number, gender and a check digit.  It is commonly used in contacts with various institutions and in legal transactions e.g.:

  • official matters, e.g. wedding, change of residence, inheritance or court matters
  • when starting work in the form of: employment contract, contract for specific work or mandate contract
  • identification of customers and purchase of certain public services, e.g. monthly pass for public transport
  • tax returns of people who do not run a business
  • financial services, e.g. opening a bank account, taking out a loan
  • setting up your own business, e.g. a self-employed sole trader or civil partnership
  • medical care - verification if the person has insurance or indication of the PESEL number on the sick leave
  • civil law contracts, e.g. sale or purchase of a car
  • and other…

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