Check-list - I am of Polish origin

Documents needed to obtain a stamp in a passport (so-called formal defects):

  • Application form - fill in the on-line application or fill in the application in accordance with the instructions in 1 copy (application to be downloaded)
  • 4 photos,
  • Copy of your valid travel document (original for inspection). In exceptional cases where you have no valid travel document and you cannot obtain it, you can present a different document confirming your identity.
Stamp duty proof of payment is also required to begin the proceedings.

Documents needed to grant the permit:

All documents are submitted in original.

  • Documents confirming the Polish nationality of your ancestors;
  • Documents indicating a relationship with Polishness, e.g. a certificate of belonging to Polish diaspora organizations;

  • Documents confirming your desire to settle on the territory of the Republic of Poland (e.g. rent contract, employment contract, documents confirming your studies, etc.).