Are copies of documents sufficient to issue a decision? Is it enough to send a copy by post or scans by e-mail to receive a decision?

Created on: 03.04.2020

No, unfortunately, copies are not enough. Copies of documents not confirmed as being true copies are not sufficient to issue a decision.  Please, send original documents. If you want us to return the originals to you, please write to us which documents we should send back and to what address. We can also return them to you with a decision that we will send to you.

If your attorney is a legal advisor or lawyer, s/he can authenticate photocopies of the documents. In such a case the original is not needed. The public notary can also certify copies. You can read more about it here.

Remember, however, that documents such as the Annex No 1 to the application must be sent to us in the original. This document needed only for this procedure.


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