Is my university approved by the minister of interior to accept foreign students?

Created on: 12.02.2020

Since  Oct 1, 2019 each higher education institution must be approved by the minister of interior in order to accept foreign students unless this institution is not subject to mandatory approval e.g. academic university, public higher education institution, military higher education institution, higher education institution of governmental services, higher education institution maintained by churches or religious associations or communities regulated by international agreement or other legislation; research institutes and scientific institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN).

Check if the institution where you study can accept foreign students: 

  1. list of higher education institutions that are exempt from mandatory approval you can find at:
  2. list of higher education institution that are approved by the minister of interior you can find at:

If the institution where you study is not in any of above lists or if there is a decision issued on the prohibition of accept the foreign students, you will be denied temporary residence permit for purpose of study.

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