What is the amount of the financial assistance?

Created on: 13.02.2020

Financial assistance will be determined in the amount of:

  • during the first 3 months - the equivalent of 50% of the minimum remuneration for work in force in the year of submitting the application - for the applicant and his spouse and the equivalent of 50% of this amount for each minor child remaining under the parental authority of the applicant or his spouse, i
  • in the period from 4 to 9 months - respectively 60% of the above-mentioned amounts. In 2022 the minimum salary is PLN 3010.


The applicant is a foreigner who on 4 January 2022 has submitted an application for Financial assistance for the holders of the Pole's card and in the application for financial assistance indicated that with him in the Republic of Poland stays his wife and his child aged 7 years. The financial assistance will be calculated as follows:

applicant: 3x1505 + 6x903=9933

wife: 3x1505 + 6x903=9933

child: 3x752,5 + 6x451,5=4966,5

Total: 9933x2 + 4966,5 = 24 832,5

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