What are the minimum financial requirements that the company must meet to obtain a temporary residence permit under the art. 142 paragraph 1 point 3 lit. b - conditional mode?

Created on: 12.02.2020

If the company does not meet the income conditions and you do not employ Polish citizens/foreigners, you must prove that you have sufficient funds to meet these conditions in the future. It is worth submitting documents indicating that the company/activity has sufficient resources to satisfy its receivables, has funds for salaries for employees and to cover investments. It is best if the company has funds on the bank account corresponding to at least 12 times the average monthly salary in the region/province in which the business is located or you have a place of residence. The amount of the average salary can be found at the website https://stat.gov.pl/sygnalne/komunikaty-i-obwieszczenia/lista-komunikato...

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