Check if you need the Labour market test


In some cases you may be released from the obligation to advance this document. Check if your occupation is listed below:

Occupations exempted under the regulation of the Governor of Wielkopolska Province

  • Concreter,
  • Concrete worker-fixer,
  • Carpenter,
  • Formwork carpenter,
  • Scraper,
  • Roofer,
  • Cable line electrician,
  • Tiler,
  • Tractor driver,
  • Truck driver,
  • Cook,
  • Carpenter's support worker
  • Warehouse worker,
  • Building painter,
  • Painter-decorator,
  • Car mechanic,
  • Plasterboard fitter,
  • Woodwork fitter,
  • Drywall fitter,
  • Fitter of building and finishing worker in construction,
  • Bricklayer,
  • Bricklayer plasterer,
  • Auxiliary construction worker,
  • Hand packer,
  • Parquet floor fitter,
  • Kitchen help,
  • Industrial support worker,
  • Other floor planers,
  • Parquet floors and tilers,
  • Other furniture and related carpenters,
  • Other upholsterers and related people,
  • Workers performing simple jobs elsewhere in the industry,
  • Warehouse worker,
  • Meat cutter-splitter/boner,
  • Pork-butcher,
  • Welder,
  • Construction carpenter,
  • Furniture carpenter,
  • Machine seamstress,
  • Furniture upholstery fitter,
  • Fixer,
  • Plasterer,
  • Tailor's support worker
  • Mechanic's support worker
  • Locksmith's support worker
  • Hairdresser assistant
  • Hairdresser's support worker
  • Assistant wireman

Occupations exempted under the Regulation of the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy:

  • Computer systems administrators,
  • Computer systems analysts,
  • Computer systems analysts and programmers not elsewhere classified,
  • Assistant of the disabled person,
  • Concrete mixers, concrete mixers-fixers and related,
  • Carpenters and joiners,
  • Roofers,
  • Construction and related electricians,
  • Concrete Technology Engineer,
  • Glass technology engineer,
  • Engineers for industry and production,
  • Electrical engineers,
  • Bus driver,
  • Truck Drivers,
  • Doctors specialists (with 2nd degree specialization or specialist title),
  • Construction and related painters,
  • Drivers and operators of machinery and equipment for lifting and transporting and related,
  • Insulation fitters,
  • Bricklayers and related people,
  • Operators of earth moving equipment and related equipment,
  • Elderly carer,
  • Carer in a nursing home,
  • Nurses without specialization or during specialization,
  • Nurses with the title of specialist,
  • Floor planers, parquet floors and tilers,
  • Application developers,
  • Designers of network and multimedia applications,
  • Database designers and administrators,
  • Road construction workers,
  • Locksmiths and related people,
  • Welders and related workers,
  • Database and computer network specialists not elsewhere classified,
  • Specialists in IT systems development,
  • Specialists in computer networks,
  • Construction technicians,
  • Electronics and related technicians,
  • Electricians technicians,
  • Plasterers and related professionals.

The occupation is not on the list?

if the occupation is not on the list above, check if you qualify for the exemption from Labour market test under the following conditions:

If you are:

  • A citizen of Ukraine and you stay in Poland legally
  • A full-time student,
  • A graduate of full-time studies at a Polish university,
  • A graduate of a secondary school completed on the territory of Poland,
  • A citizen of the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, who performs work on the basis of a declaration of employment for a period of at least 3 months directly before submitting the application for temporary stay and work, on the basis of the employment contract and on the conditions specified in this declaration (does not apply to a seasonal work),
  • Continuously on the territory of the Republic of Poland within 3 years preceding the submission of the application,
  • A graduate of a university of another EEA State or Swiss Confederation within 3 years preceding the submission of the application;


  • directly before submitting the application, you had a work permit or a temporary residence and work permit for the same employer in the same position or you obtained a work permit or a temporary residence and work permit for the same employer in the same position after submitting the application and it is valid  on the day of  granting you a temporary residence and work permit,
  • you have the Pole's Card,

- you don't need the Labour market test.

None of the above? 

You need the Labour market test. You can obtain at the District Job Centre. Find out more infomation 

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