Issue of the residence card

When should I apply?

If you have received the decision to grant a temporary residence permit, you do not need to submit an application for a residence card, because the residence card is issued from the office after the temporary residence permit has been granted to you and is valid for the period for which the permit was granted.

Residence card is issued ex officio also if you have been granted:

Address on the residence card

The card printout is ordered after submitting the proof of payment and after providing the current confirmation of registration for a temporary stay lasting over 2 months.

If you do not submit confirmation of registration within 14 days from the date of receipt of the decision to grant a temporary residence permit, your residence card will not have a residence address.

You can also make a statement if you want to have the address on the card.

Declaration form to download

Residence card fees

The pay rate for application submitted until 29th July

The fee for issuing the card is PLN 50


The reduced fee is 25 PLN


You are entitled to reduced fee if you are:

  • student, or
  • student at upper secondary schools, or
  • a minor child up to 16 years old, or
  • in difficult financial situation.

The pay rate for application submitted from 29th July

The fee for issuing the card is PLN 100


The reduced fee is 50 PLN


You can also pay the fee for your residence card by bank transfer:

Wielkopolski Urząd Wojewódzki
Poznań, al. Niepodległości 16/18
Nr rachunku: 70 1010 1469 0000 3922 3100 0000

How long is the waiting time?

The residence card will be issued approximately 1 month from the submission of proof of payment and confirmation of registration/or declaration of lack of address on the card. If you have a permanent residence permit due to a Pole's Card, a printout of the residence card will be ordered after returning the Pole's Card.

What should I know?

Read our guide

The residence card is to be collected in person only at the Department of Foreigners in Poznań or at one of the office's delegations. Check the addresses

When a residence card issued to a minor over 13 years of age is collected, his/her presence is required.  When a residence card has been issued to a minor under 13 years of age by the date of its receipt, the card shall be collected by his legal representative or guardian.

A visit to collect a residence card in Poznań can be booked in advance via the website by selecting CUDZOZIEMCY - Odbiór karty pobytu.

To collect the card in one of our regional offices, book a visit via the website by selecting CUDZOZIEMCY - Odbiór karty pobytu in the particular office where the card has been prepared for collection.

To pick up your residence card, bring a valid travel document and previous residence card, if issued.
Check if your card is ready for collection and where you can collect it in our application to avoid dissapointment.

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What to do to get a residence card?

  • We issue a residence card after granting a temporary residence permit, permanent residence permit, long-term resident's EU residence permit, residence permit for humanitarian reasons;
  • In order to obtain a residence card, you must apply for one of the above mentioned residence...
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The foreigner has received a decision on granting a temporary residence and work permit. What should I do to receive a temporary residence card?

A fee of PLN 50 should be paid for printing the card and a valid confirmation of registered address should be provided to the Office if you would like your address details to be printed on the card; or a request for a residence card to be printed without a registered address on it.

How long will I wait for my residence card to be issued, after the residence permit has been granted?

The printout of the residence card will be ordered once you have submitted the proof of fee payment along with a current confirmation of the registered address, or a written request to print out the card without the address. The residence card is usually issued within 3-4 weeks from the date the...

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Where can I collect my card?

The residence card can be collected in our main office or in one of our regional offices located in Kalisz, Leszno, Konin, Piła. Do not forget to check if your card is ready o pick up. Information is available in our...

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I submitted my application in Leszno. Is it possible to collect my card in the main office in Poznań?

Yes. At the time of applying or during the procedure, you need to submit a written request in which you appoint where you would like to collect your card (Poznań, Konin, Leszno, Kalisz or Piła). Information as to where your card is to be collected can be checked at:...

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