Replacement of a residence card of a family member of a European Union citizen

When should I apply?

You apply for the replacement of a residence card of a family member of a European Union citizen if:

  • your current card has expired, or
  • or you have lost your card, or
  • or any details your card have changed, i.e. you have changed your name, or
  • your card has been damaged.

You submit your application in-person

The requirement to submit an application in person does not apply to minors.

Before you apply, read our tips on how to fill in the application form.

Where should I apply?

You may apply in person at the Department for Foreigners in Poznań or one of the office's delegations: Book your visit

If you cannot apply in person, please send your application by post to meet the deadline.

What counts is the date of postage at the post office.

What documents do I need?

  • Application completed in accordance with the instructions in 1 copy (application to be downloaded). You can receive a copy of your application form in our offices,
  • photocopy of a valid travel document or other document confirming your identity and citizenship (original available for inspection), if you cannot present a travel document or another document confirming your identity and citizenship, you can provide other evidence than an official document that will confirm your identity and citizenship in no doubt way,
  • 2 photos,
  • your current residence card in the case of replacement.

What should I know?

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