Photographs/EU citizens

It is an undamaged photo, coloured, with a good focus; with dimensions 35 mm x 45 mm; taken not earlier than within 6 months before the date of submitting your application; showing your face image from the top of head to upper part of your shoulders, in a way that  your faces covers 70-80 % of the photo, clearly showing the eyes, especially the pupils, the eye line should be parallel to the top of the photo; on a bright uniform background, showing you looking straight with opened eyes, uncovered hair, with a natural face expression and closed mouth, and also imaging a natural skin colour;

If you have congenital or acquired eye defects, the photo may be showing you wearing glasses with dark lenses. If you cover your head because of religion reasons, the photo may show you with the head covering though it must not cover or distort the oval of the face.



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