What should I know? - temporary residence permit

A temporary residence permit is granted, denied or revoked by the Governor competent for your place of residence.

We grant a temporary residence permit for the period necessary to achieve the purpose of your stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland, but not longer than 3 years.


If you go abroad and you do not appoint an attorney to handle the case, you should at least appoint an attorney for notification in Poland. If you did not indicate an attorney for notification, the letters intended for you will be left in the case file with the result of being delivered.

Inform us about a change in your mailing address, it will speed up the procedure.

You will find a form of the declaration concerning the place of living on our web page - it contains all information that should be placed in it, i.e. who provides the place of living, to whom it is provided, for what period of time and at what is an address.

If you have appointed a proxy, attach the original power of attorney to the documents. If you have more than one attorney, remember to indicate which you want us to send the correspondence to you. 


Submit documents in original (for inspection) or authenticated copy. If you send the documents by post, send them in the original along with a request for their return, after it will be used for the official purposes - after the proceedings have been completed, we will send the originals back to you.

If you submit documents in a foreign language in the application, it is also required to submit a translation of the document into Polish by a certified/sworn translator. You can fin a list of certified translators on the Ministry of Justice website.

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