Frontier workers

When should I apply?

If you are a UK national / the Withdrawal Agreement beneficiary and by the end of 2020 you have worked or have carried out other business activity in Poland while living in another EU country or the UK, you must apply for a Frontier Workers permit from 1 January 2021. You will have time to do that until 31 December 2021. Download the application HERE

You can submit the application from 01/01/2021 to 31/12/2021.

Before you apply, read our tips on how to fill in an application form. 

Where should I apply?

You may send your application by post.  What counts is the date of postage at the post office.

As a general rule, youn will be asked to visit the Office in person and at that time, the biometric identifiers shall be collected. However, in a justified case of emergency such as a health condition, this obligation may be waived.

If you apply by post, your next step is to visit the office in person to give your fingerprints.  Fingerprints are required from all applicants who have turned 6 by the time of the application.

Learn how to give your fingerprints.

Upon receiving your application via post, we will request your attendance to provide fingerprints. During your visit, you may also file other documents that are required.

After submitting your application, you will receive a certificate valid for one year.

What documents do I need?

If you work in Poland:

  • employer letter confirming employment and evidence that the employer is genuine (i.e. work contract)

  • a written statement confirming living outside Poland before 31th of December 2020 and after that date while working in Poland (i.e.  a residence document from a country of your stay used).

If you are self-employed:

  •  a written statement confirming a business activity conducted elsewhere while living in Poland
  • a written statement confirming living outside Poland before 31th of December 2020 and after that date while working in Poland (i.e.  a residence document from a country of your stay used).

There’s no fee to apply for the registration certificate.

How do I collect the document?

The registration certificate shall be collected in person at the Department of Foreigners in Poznań or at one of the office's delegations. Check the addresses

In the event of waiving the requirement to appear in person when submitting the application, the document may be collected by an attorney based on a special power of attorney to collect this document, upon presentation of a document confirming identity.

A visit to collect a registration certificate in Poznań can be booked in advance via the website by selecting "residence card collection" queue

Check the queue status.

To collect your registration certificate, bring a valid travel document and previous registration certificate, if issued.
Check if your document is ready for collection and where you can collect it in our application to avoid dissapointment.

What should I know?

What are my obligations related with obtaining the registration certificate?

You should inform the Governor depending on your current place of residence, in the case of:

  • change of information stated on your registration certificate
  • damage or lost of your registration certificate or any other circumstances that make it difficult to identify the holder of the certificate.

In the event of loss of registration certificate, you should report it to our Office and a new document shall be issued.

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