Can I hire a foreigner who is a holder of a residence card with the annotation „access to labour market”?

Created on: 10.02.2020

No. The annotation does not necessarily mean that the foreigner gained a full access to the labour market. His/her access to labour market may be restricted to performing work for a specific employer and on terms specified in the foreigner’s residence permit (if the foreigner was granted a temporary residence and work permit). You should check what type of residence permit was granted to the foreigner ( e.g. a permanent residence permit, a temporary residence permit for the purpose of following higher education studies, etc.) and verify whether the type of residence permit gives the foreigner a full access to labour market without the need to obtain a work permit (as specified in the Act of 20 April 2004 on Employment Promotion and Labour Market Institutions). If the type of permit does not entitle the foreigner to work without a work permit, the annotation „access to labour market” means that the person means that the foreigner’s access to labour market was restricted to performing work for the employer and on terms of employment specified in the residence permit.

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