What obligations do I have towards a foreigner employed as a domestic help? I do not run any business.

Created on: 01.02.2020

You have the same obligations as other employers, i.e. you should:

  • check (before entrusting work) whether the foreigner has a valid document entitling him to stay in Poland, make a copy of this document and keep it throughout the entire period of employing the foreigner;
  • make sure that the foreigner's residence permit is associated with the right to work in Poland;
  • sign a contract with a foreigner; regardless of its type it must be a written contract; present the foreigner before signing the contract its translation into a language understood by the them;
  • do include in the contract with the foreigner the conditions contained in the work permit; the amount of payment that will be specified in the contract with the foreigner may not be lower than the payment of employees performing work of a comparable type or in a comparable position and may not be lower than the minimum wage/salary and the minimum hourly rate in the case of a civil-law contract;
  • provide the foreigner with one copy of their work permit;
  • inform the foreigner of actions taken to legalise their employment;
  • remember about the same tax and insurance (ZUS) obligation as for any other employed person.

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