Obligation to leave the country

You should leave Poland not later that on the last day:

  • of your visa validity, unless you have applied for a visa extension;
  • of your temporary residence card validity, unless you have re-applied for a new permit;
  • of your visa waiver stay, if you are entitled to it;
  • of the validity of any another entry and stay entitlement, e.g. a residence card issued by another Schengen country, subject to the conditions of stay based on this document;
  • of the 14-day period to appeal against a negative decision regarding your application for stay, if you have waived your right to appeal and you do not have any another valid document entitling you to stay in Poland.
If you appealed against a negative decision, you should leave the territory of Poland within 30 days from the day on which the decision of the second instance authority was delivered to you.

If you do not leave Poland voluntarily, you may receive a decision to oblige you to leave the country, and you may be prohibited to re-enter Poland and the Schengen area.

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