Human trafficking is a crime! Are you a victim or witness of human trafficking?

Remember that you can become a victim of human trafficking almost everywhere.

Pay attention if someone:

  • has taken away your passport or your ID document
  • is assaulting, thretening or blackmailing you
  • does not pay you the money you have earned, is forcing you to live or work in inhumane conditions, or is forcing you into prostitiution, stealing or begging.

It means, you may be a victim of a human trafficking.

If you need help or suspect that you may be a victim of human trafficking, report immediately to the Police or Border Guard. You can also get help by contacting organizations helping victims of trafficking in human beings e.g. National Consulting and Intervention Centre for the Victims of Trafficking  (KCIK)

To learn more, please read the information on the website of The Office of Wielkopolska Province or on the government website on preventing trafficking in human beings.

Below you will find leaflets with useful information:

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