Extention of the validity of documents and legal stay

Who does it concern?

If you are a citizen of Ukraine and reside in Poland on the basis of one of the documents listed below and the validity period of this document would expire from 24.02.2022, this document is extended by virtue of the Act until 30.06.2024r.

  • National visa
  • Temporary residence permit
  • Residence card
  • Polish identity document
  • document confirming the tolerated stay

If you are a citizen of Ukraine and the last day of the permissible period of stay in Poland:

  • on the basis of a Schengen visa issued by the Polish authority
  • on the basis of a Schengen visa issued by other Schengen zone country
  • on the basis of the residence permit referred to in art. 1 clause 2 lit. and Council Regulation (EC) No. 1030/2002 of June 13, 2002 establishing a uniform format for residence permits for third-country nationals (Journal of Laws UE L 157 of June 15, 2002, p. 1, as amended), issued by the competent authority of another Schengen country, or another residence permit issued by the authority of that country, authorizing to travel within the territory of other countries of this area,
  • under the visa-free regime

falls in the period from 24.02.2022, your stay in Poland is considered legal until 30.06.2024r.

What should you do?

You do not need to do any formalities.

You do not exchange documents because they are extended by virtue of the Act.

The residence card and national visa during the extension period do not entitle you to cross the border.

Extension of deadlines for leaving Poland

  • deadlines for leaving the territory of Poland, resulting e.g. from final decisions regarding the refusal to grant a permit
  • deadlines for voluntary return resulting from final decisions on the obligation to return

are extended until 30.06.2024r. by virtue of the Act if aplicable from 24.02.2022r.

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Can I get a refund if I have not received the permit I applied for?

Permit was granted, so the stamp duty is not refundable.