Check-list - Intra-corporate transfers (ICT)

Documents required to obtain a stamp in your passport (i.e. formal requirements)

To start the proceedings you also need the confirmation of the stamp duty payment.

Documents necessary to be granted a temporary residence permit for the purpose of work under the intra-corporate transfer (submitted by the host entity):

  • Confirmation of having adequate professional qualifications and experience necessary in the host entity where you should be transferred by the parent undertaking in case of the position of a manager or specialist or diploma of completion of higher education studies in the case of a trainee employee,
  • Confirmation of your employment directly prior to the day of intra-corporate transfer within the same enterprise or the same group of undertakings continuously for the period of at least:
    • 12 months – in case of manager or specialist,
    • 6 months – in the case of a trainee employee;
  • Confirmation of possibility to return to the parent undertaking, located outside the EU, after the planned transfer to the host entity,
  • Stable and regular source of income,
  • health insurance,
  • confirmation of having guaranteed residence in Poland (residence provided),
    • in the case of work in a regulated profession – confirmation of formal qualifications and meeting other required conditions,
    • in case of trainee employee -  the contract concerning undergoing training in the host entity, which includes: 1. The training programme, 2. Its duration and terms of supervision over the foreigner during the training 
  • written contract with the parent undertaking on the basis of which you perform work, constituting the basis for intra-corporate transfer. The contract should specify:
    • The period of your intra-corporate transfer;
    • Location of the host entity;
    • Your position in the host entity;
    • Remuneration and other work conditions of the foreigner in the host entity.
Your remuneration should not be lower that 70% of an average gross monthly remuneration in the national economy in the province where the host entity is located, in the year preceding submission of the application for granting the permit, published by the President of the Central Statistical Office