Formal deficiencies/ Request for missing information/ Procedure of formal assessment of an application

There are documents without which the initiation of the proceeding is not possible, for example: completed and signed application form, photographs, a valid travel document (passport) etc.

The procedure of the application formal assessment is an initial stage during which your application form is being verified. All the required documents are being checked to enable the procedure of legalization of your stay. This stage of your procedure is the initial stage.

In the case of formal deficiencies in your application form, we will send you a letter informing you about that fact, and you will be requested to complete them in an appropriate time.

If you fail to complete the missing information that you have been asked for, your application form will not have proceeded – it will be left without examination.

If your application form does not contain formal shortages or they are completed, then your proceeding for stay legalization will be initiated.

Your application form is going to be verified as to whether it is possible to grant a residence permit in Poland.

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