Check-list - Long-term mobility

Documents required to obtain a stamp in your passport (i.e. formal requirements)

To start the proceedings you also need the confirmation of the stamp duty payment.

Documents required to be granted the residence permit:

documents confirming the possibility of returning to the parent employer based outside the EU after the end of the intra-corporate transfer period,

  • documents confirming having a stable and regular source of income,
  • document confirming health insurance,
  • document confirming the place of residence,
  • if you work in a regulated profession - also supplemented documents confirming formal qualifications or meeting the conditions that are required,
  • a contract based on which you will perform work, concluded in writing, or a document issued by the parent employer, constituting the basis for an intra-corporate transfer. This agreement should specify: the period of intra-corporate transfer, the host entity's registered office, the position in the host entity, the salary and other working conditions in the host entity.
The amount of salary specified in your contract may not be lower than 70% of the average monthly gross salary in the national economy in the region/province in which the receiving unit is based in the year preceding the submission of the application.