Check-list - Internship

Documents required to obtain a stamp in your passport (i.e. formal requirements)

Confirmation of the payment of stamp duty will be requires to start your proceedings.

Documents necessary to be granted a temporary residence permit for an intern:

  • Confirmation of graduating from university within 2 years directly prior to submitting the application for temporary residence permit for an intern (e.g. diploma certifying completion of university) or a document confirming ongoing studies at the university located outside of the European Union,

  • Written contract concluded between you and the internship organizer, 

  • Written declaration of an internship organizer of coverage the costs of issuing and implementing the decision on obliging the foreigner to return,

  • Health insurance,

  • Confirmation of having sufficient funds to cover the costs of your stay in Poland and return ticket to the country of origin for the period of the internship (after deducting the housing costs),

  • house costing declaration.

  • a document that confirms that you have guaranteed residence in Poland (residence provided)

  • confirmation of completing a course in Polish or another language in which the internship takes place.