Amendment of the decision

When should I apply for a change of permit?

You should apply for a change to the permit if:

  • you intend to start working for an entity other than that specified in your permit, or
  • there is change in your position, or
  • you will be paid less than the amount specified in the permit.
During the first 2 years of your stay in Poland on the basis of the EU Blue Card, you cannot start working for an entity other than the one specified in the permit, you cannot change the position in which you are employed and you cannot be paid less than the remuneration specified in the permit - without changing the permit. 

Apply to change the permit immediately - working under conditions other than those specified in the permit is not legal.

Where to apply?

You can send the application by post to the address of the Department of Foreigners in Poznań or one of the office's delegations. Check the adresses

When do we refuse to change the permit?

We will refuse to change your permit if you are out of work for time:

  • longer than 3 months counted from the date of termination of your job to the date when you apply for a change of your permit, or
  • you have applied for a change of your permit more than twice already.

We will also refuse to change your permit if:

  • you failed to notify the Governor of the termination of your contract within 15 days after this occurence,
  • you no longer meet the conditions for this type of permit,
  • your employer does not meet the requirements regarding your remuneration and the labour market test,
  • the period of validity of the amended authorisation will exceed 3 years.

When I don't need to change my permit?

You do not need to apply for a change of your permit if:

  • you change employee will change their HQ address, or their name, or their legal form,
  • your employer or part of their entity would be incorporated or transferred/partly transferred to another entity,
  • an employment contract will replace your civil law contract.

What documents do I need?

  • application for amendment of the decision - signed in person by the person concerned - as a Party to the proceedings. The application for changing the permit shall be submitted to the Governor competent for the place of current residence;
  • original of the Annex No. 1 (download it here) to the application for a temporary residence permit, completed in full by the employer and signed by the person authorized to represent the company, indicating the new terms and conditions of employment or the new user employer;
  • original of Annex no. 2 to the application, completed in full by yourself;
  • original Labour market test, competent with regard to the main place of your employment, on the lack of possibility to satisfy the employer's human resources needs based on the registers of unemployed and jobseekers or on a negative result of recruitment organised for the employer, issued not earlier than 180 days before submitting the application, if it is required. Check whether you need the Labour market test
  • original stamp duty payment confirmation. 


In order to speed up the procedure, it is also advisable to attach a current printout from the company's National Court Register/CEiDG to Annex No 1 to the application and a copy of the original decision granting the temporary residence permit for the purpose of working in a profession requiring higher qualifications (i.e. the one to be changed).

What should I know?

This permit is granted for a period longer by 3 months than the period of work indicated in the application, but not longer than 3 years.

The permit entitles you to work only under the conditions specified therein.

From 1st January 2019, there are rules in force according to which a limit may be set on the number of temporary residences permits granted for the first time in a calendar year due to highly qualified employment. This limit may cover particular province, professions, types of agreements based on which you may be emloyed, or types of activity of an entity which employs you. In case the limit set out in the Regulation is reached, the permit may not be granted. Limits are announced in a given calendar year in the Official Journal of the Republic of Poland "Monitor Polski". There are currently no such limits implemented.

It is your responsibility to inform the Governor, who issued your permit about the termination of work within 15 days of losing employment. If you want to work for another employer, you must apply for a new temporary residence permit. If you do not apply, we will start the procedure of withdrawing your permit, because the purpose of your stay which you declared has ceased. If you do not do this, we may refuse to grant you another temporary residence permit.

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