Duplicate decision

When should I apply?

You can apply for a duplicate decision if you have lost your decision issued on behalf of the Governor of Wielkopolska or if your decision has been destroyed.

You can also receive a duplicate if the letter with the decision had not reached you and we considered the delivery effective, for example:

- when you did not notify us of a change of address, we consider the decision to be delivered to your previous address,

- if the letter was notified twice by the postman and you did not pick it up by the deadline set by the Polish Post Office - it returned to our office and we consider it delivered.

The application on behalf of a minor foreigner should be submitted by the parents or court-appointed guardians, or by one of the parents or one of the court-appointed guardians.

A duplicate decision is a certified copy of the decision that was issued in your case.

Where should I apply?

A request for a duplicate decision should be submitted:

What documents should be attached?

Documents required to obtain a duplicate decision:

  • request for a duplicate decision with a justification of your interest to issue such a duplicate - you can use the form we have prepared for your convenience (you can download a sample form here)
  • photocopy of a valid travel document (a page with your photo and data only)


You must attach proof of payment of stamp duty to the request for a duplicate decision.

The stamp duty is PLN 5 for each page of the document and is due at the time you submit your application



What should I know?

Remember that we can issue a duplicate decision only if the decision was granted by the Governor of Wielkopolska. If the decision was issued by the governor of another province, your application will be forwarded to the relevant province.

After verifying the documents, we will issue a duplicate of your decision. You can check the status of your case HERE using your login and password to track the status of the case in which we issued the decision.

If you do not pay the fee or pay the fee in the incorrect amount, we will request you to provide proof of payment of stamp duty in the required amount (depending on the number of pages of the document that we will certify for the original).

If you do not include the stamp duty in the required amount despite our request, we will return your application. A duplicate will not be issued

In some cases, we may also refuse to issue a duplicate.

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