School trips

What is it about?

It is to facilitate foreign travel around the EU during school trips for pupils from third countries staying and studying in Poland. The purpose of the procedure is to increase the integration of third-country nationals by minimizing the formalities related to the border crossing, stay or transit of pupils. So to implement the assumed limitation the  list of pupils is considered as a travel document.

The trip list should be prepared by the school principal.

Who does it concern?

Foreigners who are pupils from third countries, participating in a school trip to another European Union Member State.

An EU Member State will not require a visa from a student who is not a national of a Member State but who is legally residing in another Member State and who wishes to enter its territory for a short stay or for the purpose of transit, if:

  • travels as part of a school trip as a pupil at a comprehensive school;
  • the group is accompanied by a teacher from that school, who can provide a list of pupils with whom they are traveling, drawn up by that school:
    • indicating students under the care of a teacher,
    • stating the purpose and circumstances of the intended stay or transit;
  • the pupil presents a valid travel document entitling to cross a given border, excluding the cases described in art. 2 of the Council Decision of 30 November 1994 on joint actions adopted by the Council on the basis of Art. K.3 sec. 2 lit. b) of the Treaty on European Union on facilitating travel for pupils from third countries residing in the Member States (94/795/JHA).
If a student does not have a current travel document, a current photo of each student, who is unable to present an ID with the photo, will need to be added to the list.

Personal data of foreigners traveling as part of trips in the European Union and their right to re-enter the territory of the Republic of Poland should be confirmed by the Governor competent for the location of the school.

More information regarding the tour list can be found HERE


Where to apply?

The traveler list for shool trips within the European Union must be submitted well in advance:

What documents should be attached?



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