My employee's residence card is about to expire and a new application has been filed. Is my employee allowed to legally work/ stay in Poland/ travel to his country of origin and re-enter the territory of Poland, on the basis of the stamp in passport?

Created on: 02.02.2020
  • If the foreigner continues to work for the same employer/industry on the same conditions of employment as those indicated in previous residence permit, s/he can legally work;
  • If work is performed on different conditions than those indicated in the residence and work permit, the foreigner will not be entitled to work legally, unless s/he holds another document entitling to legal work, such as a registered  declaration on entrusting work to a foreigner issued by District Employment Agency, or a work permit.
  • Having a stamp, the foreigner can travel form Poland to his/her country of origin, provided that the country of origin borders with Poland or has a direct flight connection with Poland. However, in order to re-enter the territory of Poland, the foreigner will need to obtain a new visa from the competent Consular Office in his country of origin, or be eligible for the visa waiver (provided that the foreigner is a citizen of one of the countries whose nationals are exempted from visa requirement).

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