What are the most common mistakes made in application forms (and other enclosed documents)? What can I do to avoid them?

Created on: 02.02.2020
  • submission of a wrong application form (for example: submission of application form for the replacement of the residence card while attempting to apply for a temporary residence permit);
  • not submitting ANY application form;
  • submitting only Annex No 1 when applying for a temporary residence and work permit (note: In this case, two forms should be submitted: 1. a fully completed application form for temporary residence 2. Annex No 1 completed by your employer);
  • failure to complete all required fields in an application form;
  • erroneous or incorrect data provided in section C.VIII (page 6) concerning criminal record;
  • lack of a legible signature of the employer, or of person(s) authorised to legally represent the employer, provided in the Annex No 1;
  • Annex No 1 - not providing the number of working hours per week for persons employed under civil law contracts (Indication of hourly rate without indicating the number of working hours per week makes it impossible to determine whether you have sufficient means of subsistence in Poland/sufficient financial means);
  • Annex No 1 - lack of completed declaration concerning criminal records, provided by the employer (p. 4 of the Annex No 1, points 1-7);
  • submission of uncertified copies of documents;
  • submission of the labour market test in which the salary indicated by the employer has been considered as 'below the average' by the District Employment Office; lack of the employer's consent for referral of persons registered as unemployed in the District Employment Office – in such cases, granting a temporary residence and work permit can be refused;
  • lack of signature of one or both parties in lease agreements or employment contracts;
  • lack of indication of full address, period of residence or lack of your personal data in documents confirming accommodation in Poland.

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