Extension of visa-free travel

Who can apply?

You can apply for extension of stay in visa-free travel if you are a citizen of:

  • Argentina, or
  • Brazil, or
  • Chile, or
  • Costa Rica, or
  • Honduras, or
  • Nicaragua, or
  • Singapore, or
  • Uruguay.

When should I apply?

You apply for an extension of stay within the visa-free travel scheme no later than on the last day of your legal stay in Poland. 

Visa-free travel may be extended by 90 days. 

Remember to apply in person.

If you apply to extend your stay in Poland before the expiry date of your legal status, you can legally remain in Poland while your application is pending. Your passport must be valid at this time.

Use our application template or write your application for extension of stay under visa-free travel and justify it. Remember to provide your details in the application - name and surname, date of birth, citizenship, address of residence in Poland.

Where should I apply?

You may apply in person at the Department for Foreigners in Poznań or one of the office's delegations: Book your visit

What counts is the date of postage at the post office.

What documents do I need?

Remember to submit all documents in original/authenticated copy

What should I know?

Read our guide

If your visa-free travel is extended you will be placed a stamp in your passport confirming extension of the validity period of that stay by 90 days.

If you are refused to extend your visa-free travel there will be a decision sent to the address indicated in the application. You have the right to appeal against the decision. 

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